Lady Crystal, Goddess of Music

Lady Crystal Elohim of the Fifth Ray Goddess of Music Ray Color: Green Divine Complement (Twinflame): Lord Vista (aka Cyclopia) Focus: Activating Crystalline Perfection through living Harmonic Reso…

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Letting Go

I had a beautiful gift this morning, as I sat here in this co-op unit that I inherited from my mom, I’m looking at projects just begun, projects to yet be done, and enjoying two new rugs and accessories I have just brought in. I noticed how the new colors had shifted the energy to a feeling of a soft cozy peace, balanced with a wide open expansive energy of the ocean where I live. One of the most powerful vortexes is where the waters meets the land.

There are so many things here that hold memories of family and love, friends, and I’m torn between should I hold on, or should I let it go?  This morning I received a powerful freeing message from my Earth mother, giving me complete permission to be myself, to live the rest of my life for myself and to be my own BEing.

When you loose your mother, loved one, or someone of great influence in your life, it’s an inner process of healing and letting go that we go through. She’s gone into the light, and she’s free. I’m not going to find her in the things that she’s left behind, because she’s free within the light.

She wanted me to realize that while she was on earth,  I was her angel of light. She wanted me to expand my own light to be my own BEing.

As you let go of the old and bring in the new, your life will feel renewed.

Within your own BEing, here are a few examples on how to let go of old thoughts and bring in the new:

 Within your own BEing, here are a few examples on how to let go of old thoughts and bring in the new: rather than saying “I’m not good enough” say instead “I’m more than good enough.” Instead of thinking,”what a looser,” how about replacing that thought pattern with “there’s a winner.” I think you have the general idea of what I mean. These are just a few small examples how we can clean house within ourselves.