Ancient Practices

Powerful ancient practices of journeying can bring on many challenges, such as different kinds of upheavals in order to create a deep form of healing that goes beyond the surface level.

When working through ones emotions with the power of journeying, (blessing, forgiveness, and prayer) are all very important tools. When working on a subtle level of consciousness in a way that frees up old patterns, we can replace it with (Unconditional Love, JOY, Peace, and Gratitude.) With all good intentions ~ using Self love and truth to weave a healthy reality as the fabric of the old paradigm continues to unravel into the abyss.

Here’s a beautiful song I found on YouTube on blessings…

For those who want to expand their understanding to be of service in a larger perspective, working on the inner planes to support a larger scale of change, in the social realm, the bridge divides and heals the ancient rifts.

Here’s an example, instead of being depressed or sad by all the trauma in the cities and countries around the world or in our personal lives, through ancient practices when expressed through positive music can help to ease the pain of the families, loved ones and communities that have been devastated.

A soul retrieval for the communities can be performed by bringing together members to engage in a beautiful healing ceremony that can be adapted to the people, or in privet for the souls.

These ancient practices can also be applied to family issues, that have dealt with violence, or even ancestral issues, that have been unresolved. Now it can be resolved in these practices.

Mystics around the world perceive vast unresolved energetic fields from incomplete history or karma that fuel much of today’s discord. Ancient practices can begin to open, shift and move these fields in an evolutionary direction. However, one has to clear their own karma by paying it forward in service to life after healing ones being. And music is on of the most powerful tools the ancients used with different tones and sounds.

When approaching our challenges from a point of view (looking at it before doing it) gives us a way to be proactive and creative, and this makes a positive difference. (even from a distance!)

Best qualities to have:

Creating the best structure and intention for healing work
Safely working on healing and blessing your field, and surrounding fields
Receiving higher guidance for others directly involved in community challenges, so that they can better navigate their roles, as we do in our roles
Applying. protection methods for yourself and others
Project strength onto people who are going through challenging times instead of projecting a judgment of weakness. Assisting in healing, in a positive way, will help them immensely.                                                                                                                                                                    When translating ancient practices, (one has to put wisdom – into layman language.) This makes it accessible to anyone who is looking for personal and spiritual growth ~

Ancient practices has also addressed cross-cultural healing methods, into our modern culture addressing the needs of our times. Ancient practices shows how we can work together as a global community to bring about positive change for our Earth. With unconditional Love, we can passionately help people to remember that with bonding with nature, we can anchor with the Beloved Source of All.

Here’s a song I wrote that I’d like to share…