Spirals of Creation 




Since before recorded history humanity has used the spiral symbol. It’s found in Celtic Art, ancient rock carvings, Native American Petroglyphs, burial and ceremonial sites, and Arabic Architecture. Spirals have been found in China, in Ireland and I n all ancient lands around the Earth. It’s global and one of the oldest symbols and geometric patterns found throughout the universe.

No political or religious groups have placed any claims on the spiral, it remains non-sectarian, or pan-sectarian. The spiral belongs to all of us and excludes no one.



The upward or clockwise spiral expresses the expansion of the Christ Light, evolving, eternity, unity, and oneness. You can see it in the galaxies, in Mother Nature, in flowers and plants, seashells, spider webs, the curl a tail into a spiral, on different animals – the curl of the waves as the tide comes to shore, hurricanes and tornadoes as they twist through the air – they spiral all around us!

You may be aware of the expression “Spiraling up, or Spiraling down,” I’ve experienced both, which I’m sure you may have as well.  Spiraling down represents, such feelings of  despair, depression, fear, blame, worry, doubt, frustration, and negative feelings. Those are all dark feelings. Why do we let these painful feelings overwhelm us and drain our energy? It’s interesting that when we ask someone what the word spiral means, to them, some refer it to the negative spiraling down. I guess we could say the same applies to: “the glass half empty or half full.”


Now, for Spiraling Up! How does that make you feel? Ahhhh, much better!  Yes? Already you should be feeling a lot lighter with more energy. When you spiral up, you’re more positive, hopeful, enthusiastic, filled with compassion, at peace within, feeling joy and gratitude. Filled with unconditional love and appreciating all that is.



The part of us that is our soul, is an energetic, light BEing, The Christ Light (fire) that is the core of our BEing. The opening of our heart. Many people believe that the spiral is a symbol of our spiritual journey in evolution of life, within growth, healing, and learning lessons.  Inside the opening of the heart is the seat of the soul.  🌻🌀✨💖✨🌀🌻.