Why I Wrote my blog               

Ever since I was a little girl, I knew my mission in life was to help people in some form or manner. I wasn’t sure quite how it was going to come about, but I did know one thing, and it still stands today. I AM here on this Earth to be a beacon of light to help others. Deep within my heart I AM in service to the highest expression I can be. My contributing part in this life is through art and song, reaching out to people to help them find their way in life as well.  I  love the animal kingdom, and nature. The Christ Light in my heart honors the Christ Light in others.


I’m creating my blog to celebrate God’s beautiful creation. And through my passion of music and art, by sharing a multitude of experiences that have brought blessings in into my life. It is my hope that for who ever who comes to my blog may find JOY and may benefit from what I share from within my heart to yours ~


And may people see that I AM here with a pure heart, with pure intentions.

I AM a child of Mother Father God     X-3

I AM that I AM      X-3


Here’s a song I wrote, that I’d like to share…




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